VSI6X Sand Making Machine

Lower maintenance costs, longer service life of wearing parts, bigger capacity

On account of the increasing demand for large-scale, intensification, energy saving and environment protection, and high-quality machine-made sand in the sand market, ZENITH further optimized the structure and function of the impact crusher, on the basis of thousands of impact crusher sand-shaping applications technology, and introduced a new generation of high-efficiency and low-cost sand-shaping equipment—VSI6X Sand Making Machine.

Materials:Granite, quartz, basalt, pebble, limestone, dolomite, etc.


Product Advantages

To meet crushing demands of different users, VSI6X sand making machine was optimized on its structure of crushing cavity, and configured “rock on rock” and “rock on iron” crushing modes.

To ensure overall performances, VSI6X sand maker is optimized on some key parts. Besides, various national patent technologies ensure high efficiency yet low cost in crushing operation.

The service life of some key wearing parts is prolonged by 30%-200% compared with the traditional equipment in the same usage conditions.

VSI6X sand maker fully considers the safety and reliability of the equipment, and adopts a more stable and reliable dual motor drive and automatic oil lubrication.

Working Principle of Sand Making Machine

VSI6X Sand Making Machine has two feed modes – “feed at center” and “feed at center & sides”. As for “feed at center”, materials at the feed hopper firstly pass through the central hole into the high-speed spinning rotor. Next, materials hit the surrounding vortex material linerinside the vortex chamber together. Finally, finished products are discharged from the bottom discharge opening.

As for “feed at center & sides”, after materials pass through the circular hole, they are divided into two parts by the distributing tray. One part enter the high-speed rotating impeller while the other part fall from all sides of the tray.


Model Sanding making Reshaping Sanding making Reshaping Speed (r/min) Power (kW) Overall dimension (mm)
Maximum feeding size (mm) Throughput (t/h)
VSI6X8015 30 40 109-117 131-214 1300-1700 75×2 4100×2300×2750
VSI6X9026 35 45 167-179 200-313 1200-1500 132×2 4200×2400×3150
VSI6X1040 40 50 264-283 317-495 1100-1400 200×2 4880×2560×3725
VSI6X1150 45 55 344-368 413-644 1000-1300 250×2 5500×2750×3950
VSI6X1263 50 60 454-486 545-849 900-1200 315×2 5700×2980×4190
VSI6X1380 50 60 601-643 721-1125 800-1100 400×2 7900×3260×4183
VSI6X13100 50 60 751-804 940-1407 800-1100 500×2 7900×3260×4183