VU Tower-like Sand-Making System

Eco-friendly production standards, better quality of finished aggregates

ZENITH’s has pushed out a complete aggregate processing system to produce artificial sand and gravel, which is called VU Tower-like Sand-making System. The quality of the finished sand meets the national standards. During operation, there is no sludge, no wastewater and no dust in the production process, which fully meets the national environmental protection requirements and brings huge benefits and development opportunities to the aggregate field and other industries.

Materials: Granite, marble, basalt, limestone, quartz, river pebbles, pebbles, bluestone, etc.


Product Advantages

The VU Sand-making System adopts original grinding technology and waterfall shaping technology, so the grade of finished sand is reasonable and grain shape is round and smooth.

VU Sand-making System can process cheap and easy-to-get “stone chips” into high-quality sand to meet huge demands for sand in the market and to make high profits.

VU Sand-making System adopts fully enclosed transportation, production and negative -pressure dust removal design to ensure no sewage, no sludge, no dust and noise emission.

The centralized control system can monitor the situation of all devices online, quickly set and maintain optimal status to ensure high quality of finished product.

Working Principle of VU Tower-like Sand-Making System

After VU sand-making and reshaping, raw materials below 15mm are divided into 3 ways under the action of mold control screen and dust removal module: stone powder, return material and quasi- finished sand. The stone powder is uniformly stored in the powder ore bin after passing through the dust removal module, and the quasi-finished sand enters the grain-optimized machine for further shaping. The whole processing will be completed after humidification and stirring.


The Fifth VU Sand Making System

Model Input Size(mm) Handling Capacity(t/h) Rock-powder Content(Adjustable) Power(KW) Dimensions(mm)
VU-100 0-25 80-100 3-15% ~680 19000×10500×22400
VU-150 0-25 125-150 3-15% ~995 21900×11300×22900
VU-300 0-25 240-300 3-15% ~1990 25000×15200×22900


The Fifth VUS Reshaping &Sand Making System

Model Input Size(mm) Sand Making Reshaping &Sand Making Rock-powder Content(Adjustable) Power(KW) Dimensions(mm)
Handling Capacity(t/h)
VUS301 0-40 100 300 3-15% ~622 21000×8000×27500
VUS501 0-40 150 550 3-15% ~966 21000×10000×30200