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In professional sports every move is crucial in improving the quality of the game.  That is why a dedicated team of developers is assigned to work together with professional sportsmen to sustain continuous developments to the NL SPORTS application.  


NL Sports is developed with solid biotech foundations with regular input from professional sports teams. 

The benefits of understand a team’s well-being can prevent injuries and improve player performance. NL SPORTS enables you to view medical records, view player availability and monitor player fitness.

Let us assist you in assembling a flawless team for each individual match!


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In the medical field time is a continual matter of urgency.

cNotes enhances the method of capturing clinical notes. 

This application enables physio therapists, biokenetics, doctors and other medical professionals to save time by taking notes electronically on their tablets. The application uploads the captured information to the cloud and this information can then be accessed from the medical professionals’ personal computers for future use from anywhere, at any time.

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ABSENT.LI is a fully integrated platform that allows all users to make use of featured options for leave application needs.


It could be an annoying and time-consuming process when applying for leave.  Completing leave forms and then awaiting approval from different departments such as direct management up to payroll could be made easier with


This will not only benefit your employees, but also your payroll team in saving time and accurately managing leave of all types.  Now employees can apply for leave from the comfort of their mobile phones.  

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